Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jude // One Year

Time flies. We don't realize it when we're in it, but when we look back...and see growth...and change...and progress...we wonder where time went. And we can't quite remember how in the world we got from point A to point B so stinkin' quickly. I wish I could remember this when I'm sitting in class counting the days till graduation (something I need to work on!!). I don't know how you moms do it. One day you have a little newborn baby in your arms and before you know it they are crawling faster than you can keep up with...and walking along furniture. You blink and they are a year old already. That's what it felt like when I was filming this video. It wasn't that long ago when Jude was itty-bitty and his beautiful head full of hair fit nicely, resting in the palm of my hand, and I could stare for hours at his sleepy little face. And then he got bigger....and he started smiling and giggling. Now he's cruising all over the place, holding on to window sills and furniture. I love reaching out my hand to his as he wraps his tiny little fingers around mine, holds on tightly, and cautiously but bravely walks all around the room. And soon he's going to decide it's time to let go and walk...on his own. Yes, they grow up very, very fast.

It's neat for us to go back and watch what they were like as a newborn, or six month old...but I think it's going to be even more meaningful when Jude grows up and can see and hear what he was like as a baby. I'm so glad I have a baby album filled with pictures of my childhood. But now that I'm doing this I think of how cool it would be if I could hear my cry as a myself take wobbly steps as I learned to walk...and see my mom interact with me and hear her voice. Jude, you can thank me when you're older!! Lol!

This video was definitely the most challenging so far - apparently one year olds can boogie pretty fast! He kept me on my toes the entire time:) And what you see here is only a tiny snippet of the great fun we had together that afternoon. Mel & Ange, once again, you guys are my inspiration. I love watching you raise your little man, and love him the way you do. Blessings to you and your very handsome ONE YEAR old!!

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  1. Watching the three Jude videos is making me all weepy...I can't believe how quickly Cohen is growing up and it's amazing to think of all the things he'll be doing in just a few short months. Crazy.