Saturday, August 27, 2011

The View

Today was one of those perfect, picturesque summer days that made me want to hold on to these last few days (?!) of summer with all the strength within me. Let me paint you the picture I saw on my drive...endless bright blue sky, flawless puffy white clouds (just like you see illustrated in children's story books...the ones that are so perfect they don't look real), golden, freshly combined fields bordered with wild prairie grasses and flowers...the rich palette of natural colours beautifully complementing each other. Artistry that photos and paintings (and words!) can do no justice to. In a word? Breathtaking. It made me grateful to live in the prairies...something I SO take for granted. We are blessed, and I should take the time more often to be thankful for this beautiful, and wide open, and safe (so we have blizzards and the odd tornado...have you watched the news lately? we're pretty lucky) place we are fortunate enough to call home. So often I'm in such a rush to get where I'm going and so deeply absorbed in my busy thoughts that I forget to turn and look out the window and take in my surroundings. Well, I'm glad I turned my head today (most likely inspired by time spent with a great friend, Chai Tea, and genuine conversation...soul-food). It was so worth it. And it made me wonder how many other beautiful and lovely things (and people) in this life I have missed out on because I was so focused on what's right in front of me (myself, really). Kinda disappointed in myself for not having my camera with me...the sole driving force for buying myself a nice camera...take spontaneous pictures that preserve the beautiful moments and 'revelations' in my life. Oh well, hopefully I'll just look out the window more often.

A happy and relaxing last weekend in August to you:)

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