Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jasmine // Photo Shoot

Dear Jasmine, 
You are a very lucky little girl. You've got a mom & a dad who love you more than you could ever dream of being loved. You've got a summer birthday - so you can have your parties at the beach. AND you've got a pretty awesome head of hair!! 
Love & Snuggles, 
(self-proclaimed) Auntie M

This little sweetheart is the daughter of a very dear and longtime friend. We've known each other since kindergarten...and now she has a baby! Feels weird and wonderful all at the same time. Like we're actually grown up or something. I've adopted this child as another little niece of mine and can't get enough of her squirmy cuteness and adorable sounds she makes. I'm very much looking forward to watching this little girl grow up:)
Here's a peek at the newborn photo session my Bff did for them. Thanks for letting me tag along, Mar! You can see her photos from the session here.

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  1. sweet! And I just love that head of hair! As an added bonus our internet is finally fast enough that I could watch the video in one take, no pre-loading required!