Tuesday, November 08, 2011

On Conquering the World

Oh blog, how I miss you...

It's crunch time around here. No time to do fun things like blogging. But I did want to pop by because I desperately need a break, and want to share a quote that someone shared with me the other day. I love inspiring quotes. They are like seeing a rainbow peek through dark clouds on a stormy day. They make me smile and give me perspective.

I was sharing with my cooperating teacher (and cousin!) how overwhelming teaching can be. There is SO much to learn...and SO many things one could (should?) be doing to be the best teacher one can possibly be. Some days it feels like a daunting endeavour. How will I ever 'get there'. She gently left me with the wisdom a prof gave her back when she was in university,

"Master the ordinary before you attempt the extraordinary." 

Simple. Profound. Perspective taken.

Have a good night,

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