Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Elsa...

Happy 1st Birthday, Elsa!

Elsa turned one today. And what a perfectly thoughtful gift her parents have given her...their love in a letter. No, a video letter probably isn't on every 1 year old's birthday wishlist, but in a few years it will mean more to her than any cute new outfit or teething ring ever will.

This idea came to me one night while I was lying awake in bed (that seems to be the time of day when ideas start lurking around my mind...and keep me from sleep!). Rebecca (a lovely woman and talented photographer!) had commented on one of my videos saying she couldn't wait to start thinking of the second baby cuz she would love a newborn video. I kept thinking to myself, why wait? And this idea came. A letter. I'm a letter girl. Write me a sweet note and you made my day. Don't buy me gifts...dig down deep and bless me with your words. Give me a card filled with your thoughts, penned with your hand and it is at the top of my list of favourite gifts (just ask Mark!!). Words are meaningful. Personal. Powerful. They help you see into someone's heart. And a letter? It's planned...thought out...the words are carefully chosen. Well, I couldn't get this idea out of my mind. I took a risk and shared what I had dreamed up with Rebecca. She.Was. Pumped.  And she got her husband on board, too!  :)  As I got to know her a little better through emails I got more and more excited about this project. Rebecca has a magnetic and energizing personality. She is bubbly and genuine, passionate, and has a giant heart. Rebecca, thank you for dreaming and scheming with me. This project made my heart very happy.

And Elsa, sweetie, I hope that when you watch this one day it will bless your heart (as much as it did mine) to hear your mommy and daddy dig deep down and try to put into words just how much you mean to them. You are so loved, little one.



  1. Jennifer Lee PhotographyOctober 22, 2011 at 6:49 PM

    WOW WOW WOW! This is so so amazing! Melissa - You are uber talented! And Elsa - You are SO SO loved! xoxoxoxo Auntie Jen

  2. Melissa, you are SO SO SO SO SO amazing!!!! This is the most amazing gift, to have this now and for Elsa to be able to watch this in the future (she even likes watching it now!)! I was in tears watching it, and I am going to watch it over and over and over again, and then more, I love it sooooooooo much! You're so talented, so wonderful and sweet and nice and warm and I absolutely can't say enough about you and this whole experience. It's the most beautiful video ever to me, and so gorgeous and perfectly put together and so many amazing parts. I'm in love with this new art, and how you do it and your touch and personality make it that much more perfect. I could seriously go on and on, you're so wonderful and your work is so moving and amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I can't wait to do another one now!!! xoxoxo

  3. Melissa, this is so incredible! It's a fantastic idea, and you did such a beautiful job. Really. I'm not just saying that to be nice on your blog! You are really talented, and I'm so impressed. :)

  4. I've never seen anything like this before, and it is a pleasure to be introduced to your work through Rebecca, Jody & Elsa.
    What a beautiful look at Elsa's first year of life. We are her proud aunt, uncle & cousins ... watching and admiring from afar. Your videos are absolutely stunning and magical. Your ability to capture life's amazing moments is a treasure. It was a pleasure to watch Elsa, and see your other work. Best of luck to you.

  5. This is so wonderful and emotional for me (I am Elsa's Oma and Jody's Mom). Melissa, you did so great at portraying this wonderful family, I feel such pride and emotion watching it and will treasure it forever. You really captured the love Jody and Rebecca feel for their little Elsa. Also Jody and Rebecca well done!

  6. What a fabulous gift you have given Elsa! Nothing could be better than a tribute of love from her parents. She is a special grand daughter and we are fortunate to be part of her life, all the more so because of your video. I am very proud of Jody and Rebecca for being such good and devoted parents.