Sunday, September 18, 2011

Victoria // Newborn

The look on D'Arcy's face when we came to meet Victoria for the first time was sheer joy and pride. He is one incredibly proud papa! I love that. He was so excited to show off his little girl. And what a sweet, sweet little girl she is. She is perfect. And she sleeps...all the time. At least whenever I've seen her she is ALWAYS sleeping like an angel. Hmmm...this looks pretty easy...sign me up for one of those please:) Well, Candace has informed me that, no, she doesn't sleep ALL the time; she still has to get up several times a night, and yes, she does even cry once in a while, but, it's true, Victoria is a very contented baby (as I have witnessed every single time I've seen her!). 

I always say this, and I'll probably keep saying it. I love hearing "the story". It's personal and unique, and different every time. What struck me about this story is what an incredible team D'Arcy & Candace are. So much love. So much support. So much pride for each other...and the beautiful thing they created together. Team rocked it:) 

I also had the opportunity to shoot alongside Jennifer Tower of Jennifer Tower Photography while she did Victoria's newborn photos. She is very talented, super creative, and has such a kind and gentle spirit. It was a pleasure meeting you, Jennifer! LOVE the few photos I've seen from your session so far:) 

So after all that, here is a sneak peak at another little miracle. Enjoy!

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  1. My goodness, you did a fantastic job Melissa! Great work with the tracks and Merlin (I assumed you used a Merlin for the walking shots). Keep it up and you'll be showing Mark how it's done!