Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nathan // Newborn

This little guy made his triumphant entry into the world a few days before Christmas. Welcome to the world, Nathan. It is SO nice to meet you:) My favourite thing about newborns is hearing about their arrival. The love and emotion that is behind the story gets me every time. There is an unspoken connection between mum and dad as they talk; their casual glances at each other as they speak tells much more than their words ever say. This (literally) life-changing experience has brought them deeper and closer. And they have a whole new level of respect for each other. Especially for mum:) There is such beauty in these stories. Elmer and Wanda, thank you for sharing yours with me. And when Baby Nathan grows up I hope he can experience this 'first' love that his parents had for him when he watches this video and hears the story, too.
I had the pleasure of doing this shoot alongside my bff...a.k.a. Moments Photography by Marian! Always a good time to work with your bff. Thanks, Mar! You can view her photos from N's session over here!

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