Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something Good

I thought I hated winter. Most of my life I have cursed its poor, helpless name. But after this day, I realized that it's not winter I hate, just the frigid cold that comes with it. When I opened the door on this particular day, I actually smiled, and was so glad I had the privelege of seeing the crisp, white, frost covered branches on all the trees in my backyard. reminded me to be thankful. Life is too short to waste it away complaining. There is something good to be found in everything (even winter!).

Thank you, Mark, for helping me see the good in everything...and for pointing it out to me when I have tunnel-vision:) AND for helping me put this video together (I'm very blessed to have such a talented teacher). It was a great chance to practice using my new camera:) Had heaps of fun doing it! Enjoy!

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