Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jillian // Newborn

I absolutely love hanging out with first time parents. There is so much wonder and amazement in their eyes and in their voices at the fact that together they created this little being who has turned their world upside-down. And each and every parent says they would never go back to the "old" world. Ever. They embark on this journey of so many unknowns and so few hours of sleep and still all they want to do is stare at that cute little face (that is very encouraging!!). Jer mentioned that God knew exactly what He was doing when He made babies so darn cute! It's impossible to get annoyed when those little miniatures stare straight up at you pleading, in all their cuteness, to be cuddled, held, and loved.
Jer and Tessa have been dear friends of ours for quite a while now, and it was beyond my pleasure to spend the afternoon with them documenting an "ordinary" day in their new life. I told them how impressed I was with how laid back they are as 'first-timers', to which they responded, "it's because we really don't know what we're doing"! Well, you guys are doing a phenomenal job of faking it!! Jillian is a very lucky little girl. You guys are and will continue to be great parents. Tessa mentioned that it's the little moments that are the highlights of her day. I love that attitude. Soak it up; rest in those beautiful (and messy, and exhausting, and confusing) moments...take it all in...and enjoy your sweet, sweet Jilly Bean! Love you guys:)


  1. This is SO gorgeous!!! What an amazing keepsake for this family! I'm already looking forward to when we can start thinking about a second baby and now I know I will be calling you!

  2. Thank you so much for the amazing video that captures so perfectly those first awe-inspiring weeks! Such a great memory to have for years to come. I can't wait for Jillian to be able and look back and see and hear for herself just how much she was loved right from the very start! I am so thrilled you have been a part of our journey into parenthood from the beginning. Your friendship has been such a blessing to me and I'm so glad Jillian already has such a special relationship with you too thanks to all the love and cuddles you've given her along the way!