Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Happy Place

Every year my in-laws rent a cabin on Lake of the Woods. We usually only stay a day or two, but those are two days that make my heart and soul very, very happy (pause for a long, deep contented sigh...remembering how good it was). There is something about that lake that is so endearing, so grand, and so peaceful that makes my heart sing really happy songs the entire time I'm there (to myself, of course. Nobody wants to hear that noise). We tan, we fish (as awkward as I make it look), we nap, we eat really, really good food, and we breathe deeply the fresh, glorious scent of natural goodness (unfortunately that is not an exaggeration. I couldn't get enough of that fresh nature smell, that I was literally sucking it back. I guess living next to a greasy restaurant makes me homesick for freshness?! Gotta stock up while I can). I also really love seeing my father-in-law in his element. He is nature man; and would probably make a very good Survivor Man. People shine when they are doing what the Creator created them to do. My father-in-law was meant to live on the lake (that being said in all my humanly wisdom. Lol!).
To top off the weekend we were escorted out of cabin country with the most gloriously breathtaking sunset I think I have ever seen (okay, maybe ever documented?!).

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