Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camryn // Newborn

Shortly after this itty-bitty, little sweetheart was born, Kelly texted me saying she had a song in mind for the video. It made me giddy with excitement to shoot the video...and blessed me to know that they were obviously excited about it, too! After listening to the song, I instantly fell in love...with this new baby girl who I hadn't even met yet...and that indescribable feeling I knew her mommy & daddy had towards their daughter. There really is "nothing lovelier than you", dear, sweet baby Camryn. You are a blessing. Kelly & Tyler, you guys are amazing. Period. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your story with me. Looking forward to seeing this little girly grow up:)

Many thanks to Marky Mark for assisting me with this shoot and lending me his expertise as I tried some new things this time. I am very lucky to be married to such talent:)


  1. What an awesome video! You'll be impressed to know I brewed a fresh pot of coffee while it loaded on our s-l-o-w internet and then sipped on a hot cup of coffee while watching it. And way to go Kelly, the song is so right on!

  2. Thanks, Tessa:) And FRESH coffee??! Very impressed. Sounds delightful!