Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mark and I entered Still Motion's short film contest with our video Abscond. We booked a weekend getaway to Falcon Lake Resort to celebrate the end of my 4th year of University (yay!!! one more to go!) and to have some good R&R before the busy wedding season starts for him. We thought this would be the perfect setting for the theme for the short film contest...'Simple'. Feeling a little discouraged with the freak May snowstorm we weren't sure we were actually going to feel inspired to do the video. Lucky for us this is Manitoba, and while there was ice and snow the first day, there was sun and spring the next day, so we did it. We had fun doing it, AND we won 2nd place! Woop woop:) Thanks so much to all my peeps for showing your support on FB and voting for our video. You guys rock!

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  1. Oh, Melissa, I was so excited to discover that you have a blog!! Unfortunately, our internet at camp is horrible, and we can't watch any videos online! Now I have a permanent item to add to my "To Do" list when we go into the city - check our your videos!